Why I’m Here: My name is Ty Bradshaw, and on July 24, 2013, everything about my life changed when I found out that my Dad, Scott Bradshaw, had passed away. My Dad struggled with mental illness and depression, and on an otherwise normal summer morning, he lost his battle. My Dad was known for many things, but no one would have ever guessed he would become a victim of suicide at the age of only 50. My Dad had an amazing personality and was loved by so many people, and his death has left a noticeable hole in our family that will never be repaired. For the entire story, check out the first post to Seeya Bub.

What I’m Doing: In the aftermath of my Dad’s death, a family relative said to me, “Tyler, God is telling me you are going to be a one-man army in this battle.” I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but over the years it’s become more clear. Although I’m definitely not fighting on my own, I am fighting–and that’s how this all started. I feel that God is calling me to speak about issues related to mental illness, suicide, and grief due to the loss of a loved one. The pain I feel having lost my Dad is unfortunately replicated in the lives of others all throughout our world. My goal is to create a community of individuals who can rely on one another to survive in the face of tragedy.

dad-sitting-on-porchWho He Was: My Dad, Scott Bradshaw, was a loving father, a trusted husband, and a friend to everyone he came into contact with. You’ll learn more about him as I continue to post, but he was a man with a dynamic personality and an amazing heart for others. A talented builder and tinkerer, my Dad loved his job as a maintenance technician for a local steel company. But he loved his job because it gave him more opportunities to love other people. He was the type of person who, in a moment’s notice, would drop everything he was doing to help a friend or family member. He loved the outdoors and spending time in God’s creation. He loved our family pets and had a connection with animals that was uncanny. He loved dirtbikes, and playing softball, and UFC, and country music, and power tools, and all the things manly men traditionally love. Whenever I watch an old rerun of Home Improvement with Tim Allen, I’m reminded of my Dad. But underneath the manliness was a soft and tender heart that knew no boundaries or rules when it came to love. No matter how early he rose, it was never too early to come in and pat me on the head to tell me he loved me. No matter how late he had worked, it was never too late to play catch with me, or do something around the house for my Mom. No matter how sick or sad he may have felt, it was never too debilitating to keep him from making someone smile. He was a legendary man, and I hope to capture that in this blog.

miracle-league-headshotWho I Am: I married the love of my life, Paige, in September of 2019. Together, we live in Mason with our newborn, a beautiful baby boy named Jackson Scott who has blessed our lives in immeasurable ways. I have the best day job ever, getting the chance to serve as the Executive Director for The Nuxhall Foundation and The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields. At the Miracle League Fields, we offer a baseball facility for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities so every player with every challenge gets every chance to play the game. I moonlight as a local sports announcer and broadcaster, calling baseball and basketball games and hosting community events for sports teams and charitable organizations. But more than any title I hold, I’m most proud of this one: I’m the son of Scott Bradshaw, the finest example of a Father a boy could ever have.

seeya-bub-logo-largeWhat Seeya, Bub Is All About: Whenever my Dad would say goodbye to me, he would always say “Seeya, bub.” I would often repeat the line back to him. Now, it’s taken on a whole new meaning, because for the past few years, slowly and painfully, I’ve been saying goodbye to him each and every day. Seeya Bub is an outlet where I’ll share my personal experience with grief, mental illness, loss, and my story as God has led me through the wilderness. Seeya Bub is a resource for readers who struggle with mental illness, who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, or who want to learn more about preventing suicide. My friends and family members will also serve as guest bloggers, writing about their experience and detailing the ways they’ve coped with my Dad’s loss or helped my family survive through the struggle. This is an opportunity for me to remember so many great things about my Dad, while coping with his loss and preventing this type of heartache in other families. To learn more, check out our Mission & Vision Statements.